Speed problem

Lada 'Ray' Lostak ray at dspaudio.com
Fri Oct 28 04:22:15 MDT 2011

Hi there !

I'm new in this mailing list, so, sorry if this email is going to bad group.

Mine problem... I have latest samba, on slakware x86 server where are 2
PCMCIA WaveLan adapter + 3Com 100mbit PCI. I have some shares, on user level
security, clients with win95, 98, NT 4, NT 5 (y2k). Everything is working
well but:

On one machine, with NT 4.0 Sp3 everything going from samba is SLOW (read:
1-2 mbit/seconds). When I conect directly by FTP, the same file is going
with full speed (tenths megabytes data file). But throw Samba share it is
slow (share is linked as 'network drive').

Can you help me please where the problem should be ? On different machine,
where are y2k is Samba normally fast (the same as FTP). In server in slow
disk, 3Gb only, but it can read around 32mbit/second...

NT machine is: PII/900, 128 megs, 40G on DMA 100 HDD, rtl8139 inet card, 2x
sound card (live + ews)... Nothing special. Site is TP, HUB full duplex
100mbit, all inet cards also 100mbit. Doesn't care of other computers are
connected or not.... FTP works fast in any FTP client (far, standard command
line, ...).
Samba is sets as WINS server and browser master. Wins is configured well.
We're using workgroup.

Thanx in advance,
Best regards
Lada 'Ray' Lostak
DSPaudio inc.

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