[Samba] New Samba PDC for medium-sized mixed client domain

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Tue Oct 11 01:01:24 MDT 2011

Look at samba4 franky.
Or  build your samba4 to manage your policies and so on an join a samba3 as
member to carry the fileserver.
I have both things done in an test and production with no bad issues.
For samba4 to run as ADS you always need DNS working. There are many howtos
out there.
An older one I had done: HOWTO centOS 5.5 samba4 dns dynamic
update/Replication <-- this list.
For now many things have changed  (DLZ plugins for bind from samba4).
Further help should be available in samba technical

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Daniel Müller wrote:
> First of all you should know what you want, a nt-style Domain or a ADS!?
Well, if it's practical at this point, I'd be happier running an ADS - 
in particular, unless I've missed something, this would enable me to set 
group policies for the client machines, which is potentially quite 
useful. I suppose the question, then, is the S4+S3 combination 
> The next step is , you can substitute Exchange with OPENCHANGE/SOGo as
> of your Samba4 ads.
Fortunately, email is currently a completely separate system, hosted 
off-site, so I don't immediately need to worry about it :) Hadn't heard 
of the Openchange project before, though - will look into it with interest.
> Good Luck
> Daniel

I meant to mention before, by the way, that I obviously do intent to set 
up a test network rather than sticking any solution straight into 
production, so there shouldn't be any concerns on that score.

-Andy Shaw
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