[Samba] Winbind/Samba issues

Joshua Skains jskains at acteea.com
Mon Oct 10 13:16:41 MDT 2011

Sooo, I am having some weird Samba issues. When I first start up (Ubuntu 10.4), it takes a long time before system sees the users. Ok, perhaps a Ubuntu issue.. But when I log in, I do a finger (say, finger jskains), and it takes a bit, but then finally comes back. Weirder yet, my full name is not populated in the output:

Login: jskains                                                     Name:
Directory: /home/ACTEEA/jskains            Shell: /bin/bash

But other users come up fine..... (none log into this box, but I finger them and there is no issue).

Login: administrator                                        Name: Administrator
Directory: /home/ACTEEA/administrator              Shell: /bin/bash

Now, if I delete the /var/cache/samba directory and restart, I get

Login: jskains                                                     Name: Joshua Skains
Directory: /home/ACTEEA/jskains            Shell: /bin/bash

But after a while, it vanishes again. I have tried everything to figure this one out, but I am completely stumped....

Any feedback?


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