[Samba] New Samba PDC for medium-sized mixed client domain

Andy Shaw andy at jadedplanet.net
Mon Oct 10 09:12:24 MDT 2011

Daniel Müller wrote:
> First of all you should know what you want, a nt-style Domain or a ADS!?
Well, if it's practical at this point, I'd be happier running an ADS - 
in particular, unless I've missed something, this would enable me to set 
group policies for the client machines, which is potentially quite 
useful. I suppose the question, then, is the S4+S3 combination 
> The next step is , you can substitute Exchange with OPENCHANGE/SOGo as part
> of your Samba4 ads.
Fortunately, email is currently a completely separate system, hosted 
off-site, so I don't immediately need to worry about it :) Hadn't heard 
of the Openchange project before, though - will look into it with interest.
> Good Luck
> Daniel

I meant to mention before, by the way, that I obviously do intent to set 
up a test network rather than sticking any solution straight into 
production, so there shouldn't be any concerns on that score.

-Andy Shaw

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