[Samba] Default Keyboard Layout changed to english.

Jean-Jacques Moulis jj at isy.liu.se
Thu Mar 10 08:50:08 MST 2011

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 13:45:17 +0200 Kalev Riivik <kalevr at iisaku.edu.ee> wrote:

KR> >> i upgraded debian from lenny to squeeze and i managed to mess up 
KR> >> config file or update (cuz i'm quite noob when it comes to linux). 
KR> >> I'm gonna try to explain best to my abillity, how i got where i am 
KR> >> right now (bear in mind that this is my first time in this list). 
KR> >> Since smbpasswd and pdbedit had mysteriously vanished after upgrade, 
KR> >> i did reinstall to samba (3.5.6 PDC with roaming profiles). Since i 
KR> >> did backup of entire /etc folder i put the old smb.conf back, but 
KR> >> what happened was that nobody was able to log in (from xp). So what i 
KR> >> had to do, was leave and rejoin the domain with all of the computers. 
KR> >> After that it appeared that i had to input everyone's password again. 
KR> >> Then some people were able to log in and others were not.... after a 
KR> >> bit of research i found out that those people that couldn't log in 
KR> >> had "special" (estonian) characters in their name (like äöüõ or šž 
KR> >> etc), so i added "unix charset = UTF8" to the smb.conf and it seemed 
KR> >> to work (later replaced UTF8 with ISO-8859-15 and it still worked).
KR> >>
KR> >> The problem i'm having, is that when I (or anybody else) logs into xp 
KR> >> machine with roaming profile, the default keyboard layout is set to 
KR> >> US and they can't change it (but that might be because of gpedit 
KR> >> policies i set up in xp machines). When i log in with local user (to 
KR> >> xp) then keyboard is fine. I did try to find solution on the 
KR> >> internet, but the posts i found about this problem were without 
KR> >> answers. Any kind of help is appriciated
KR> >>

to fix the keyboard issue (this as nothing to do with the upgrade of the server
but with the installation of the client and probably users didn't had the password they
thought they had)

run the following command on every client

reg.exe ADD "HKU\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload" /v 1 /t REG_SZ /d 0000041d /f
replace 0000041d (swedish) with the code for estonian. I leave that to you and google.

Your other problem is that you probably didn't preserve the SID of you domain and
ended up with a new domain (that's why you needed to rejoin clients)
the profile of all your user is a new one 
NTUSER.DAT contains now to sets of registry keys.
one corresponding to your old SID and the one to the new.

try to restore the original SID on the server.

Best regards!

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