[Samba] Default Keyboard Layout changed to english.

Kalev Riivik kalevr at iisaku.edu.ee
Fri Mar 11 02:59:49 MST 2011

i wanted to let you know, that i got it fixed... so thanks to everyone 
who responded. The problem was (as you said) in SID. Unfortunately i 
didn't know anything about SID-s so i had to do a bit research about it. 
I decided to write what i did to fix it (in case someone else has the 
same problem).

1. i checked the current sid ("net getlocalsid" and "net getdomainsid")
2. since i didn't have a clue what my previous sid was, i did a bit of 
research. Finally, what i came up with was this.. on xp i used 
regedit.exe and went HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows 
NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList there was list of all users who had logged 
onto this machine... there i noticed that if i remove last (4 i think) 
numbers I'd get the domain sid. From there i just found a user who 
hadn't logged in a long time and got the old sid.
3. changed the sid on PDC with "net setlocalsid sidgoeshere" and "net 
setdomainsid sidgoeshere" ("net setlocalsid 
S-1-5-21-1724097787-4134227269-272652245" for example)
4. Then i restarted samba and at first it seemed like it didn't work (so 
i tried to delete local copies of profiles and all kinds of things), but 
as it turns out it worked out fine. (i deleted NTUSER* files from a 
single profile and it seemed to work after that, but i don't think it 
was necessary, because i didn't do that /or anything else/ to other 
profiles/computer and they worked just fine on their own).

PS: Keyboard layout, images from desktop not opening, media player and 
adobe premiere not working.... all of that was solved with that as well.

@naxto: no need to get so offended. I did say i was a noob when it comes 
to Linux... so obviously i haven't even heard of virtualization 
techniques etc. (my idea of testing was to upgrade my laptop which had 
similar setup... and check /var/log for any errors.... but since i 
didn't have any client pc-s to test roaming profiles in my home... i 
failed). I wasn't trying to say, that samba screwed up my system... i 
know it was my fault... i just said, that it was related to samba (witch 
it was). Since I've accustomed to windows, i just installed updates 
without reading anything (didn't even know about changelogs), because 
like some ppl say... windows is for dumb-users :) so it usually warns 
during installation if updates contain some radical changes (again my 
fault for not knowing). I'm still learning to use Linux correctly, so if 
i gave you an impression, that i was dissing Samba or Linux (or their 
respective developers), then i'm sorry.

Now if u excuse me i'm gonna continue bouncing around the room with 
happiness, cuz my PDC works as it should again.

With gratitude,

10.03.2011 17:50, Jean-Jacques Moulis kirjutas:
> On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 13:45:17 +0200 Kalev Riivik<kalevr at iisaku.edu.ee>  wrote:
> KR>  >>  i upgraded debian from lenny to squeeze and i managed to mess up
> KR>  >>  config file or update (cuz i'm quite noob when it comes to linux).
> KR>  >>  I'm gonna try to explain best to my abillity, how i got where i am
> KR>  >>  right now (bear in mind that this is my first time in this list).
> KR>  >>  Since smbpasswd and pdbedit had mysteriously vanished after upgrade,
> KR>  >>  i did reinstall to samba (3.5.6 PDC with roaming profiles). Since i
> KR>  >>  did backup of entire /etc folder i put the old smb.conf back, but
> KR>  >>  what happened was that nobody was able to log in (from xp). So what i
> KR>  >>  had to do, was leave and rejoin the domain with all of the computers.
> KR>  >>  After that it appeared that i had to input everyone's password again.
> KR>  >>  Then some people were able to log in and others were not.... after a
> KR>  >>  bit of research i found out that those people that couldn't log in
> KR>  >>  had "special" (estonian) characters in their name (like äöüõ or šž
> KR>  >>  etc), so i added "unix charset = UTF8" to the smb.conf and it seemed
> KR>  >>  to work (later replaced UTF8 with ISO-8859-15 and it still worked).
> KR>  >>
> KR>  >>  The problem i'm having, is that when I (or anybody else) logs into xp
> KR>  >>  machine with roaming profile, the default keyboard layout is set to
> KR>  >>  US and they can't change it (but that might be because of gpedit
> KR>  >>  policies i set up in xp machines). When i log in with local user (to
> KR>  >>  xp) then keyboard is fine. I did try to find solution on the
> KR>  >>  internet, but the posts i found about this problem were without
> KR>  >>  answers. Any kind of help is appriciated
> KR>  >>
> to fix the keyboard issue (this as nothing to do with the upgrade of the server
> but with the installation of the client and probably users didn't had the password they
> thought they had)
> run the following command on every client
> reg.exe ADD "HKU\.DEFAULT\Keyboard Layout\Preload" /v 1 /t REG_SZ /d 0000041d /f
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------^
> replace 0000041d (swedish) with the code for estonian. I leave that to you and google.
> Your other problem is that you probably didn't preserve the SID of you domain and
> ended up with a new domain (that's why you needed to rejoin clients)
> the profile of all your user is a new one
> NTUSER.DAT contains now to sets of registry keys.
> one corresponding to your old SID and the one to the new.
> try to restore the original SID on the server.
> Best regards!

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