[Samba] Can not delete files via Samba in some cases

markus hansen hansenmarkus at gmx.de
Thu Mar 3 07:37:38 MST 2011

Hi List,

my problem is the following:

I use Samba 3.5 with AD password authentification and uid/gid information in local files. Everything seems to work so far, when i create files via samba the created files have correct user/group information on linux filesystem level (so i think id mapping works basicly).

The only thing that does not work is deleting files which
-  belong to other users from the same group and
-  are stored in directories which belong to other users from the same group,

although the file/directory permissions are correct, and the same delete operation works via rm locally. (So the behavior on samba level is like as the sticky bit on that directory is set).

In other test cases create/delete operations work as expected.

Any help very appreciated!

Regards, Markus

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