[Samba] Can not delete files via Samba in some cases

Dale Schroeder dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com
Thu Mar 3 11:44:47 MST 2011

Would this parameter help you?

      dos filemode (S)

    The default behavior in Samba is to provide UNIX-like behavior where
    only the owner of a file/directory is able to change the permissions
    on it. However, this behavior is often confusing to DOS/Windows
    users. Enabling this parameter allows a user who has write access to
    the file (by whatever means, including an ACL permission) to modify
    the permissions (including ACL) on it. Note that a user belonging to
    the group owning the file will not be allowed to change permissions
    if the group is only granted read access. Ownership of the
    file/directory may also be changed. Note that using the VFS modules
    acl_xattr or acl_tdb which store native Windows as meta-data will
    automatically turn this option on for any share for which they are
    loaded, as they require this option to emulate Windows ACLs correctly.

    Default: //|dos filemode|/ = |no| /

On 03/03/2011 8:37 AM, markus hansen wrote:
> Hi List,
> my problem is the following:
> I use Samba 3.5 with AD password authentification and uid/gid information in local files. Everything seems to work so far, when i create files via samba the created files have correct user/group information on linux filesystem level (so i think id mapping works basicly).
> The only thing that does not work is deleting files which
> -  belong to other users from the same group and
> -  are stored in directories which belong to other users from the same group,
> although the file/directory permissions are correct, and the same delete operation works via rm locally. (So the behavior on samba level is like as the sticky bit on that directory is set).
> In other test cases create/delete operations work as expected.
> Any help very appreciated!
> Regards, Markus

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