[Samba] Automounting DFS path published shares under RHEL 5 with Samba?

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Wed Jan 12 00:37:14 MST 2011

I am not exactly can see what you want to do.
But with samba you have to make  a dfsroot and ln -s msdfs
That’s all.
Ex.: In your [global] host msdfs=yes
Then make a directory
Msdfs root=yes

/some/where ln -s msdfs:server\\share name
Or high available, /some/where ln -s msdfs:server1\\share1,server2 \\share2

Or you use dfs poxy in your smb.conf. You just make a virt. share that is
linked to another servers share
Msdfs root=yes
Msdfs proxy =\anotherserver\hisshare

If you now map the share you are redirected

Good Luck

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I'm dealing with a Linux environment with extensive automounting, that
also has DFS configurations for the Windows clients of various CIFS
systems. I've got CIFS automounting working for various CIFS servers,
which definitely has its uses, but I'd *love* to be able to mount the
DIFS published paths for the CIFS shares?

Basically, if I have  shares called \\example1\share1 and
\\example2\share2, and DFS publishes them as \\domain\share, I'd like
to be able to mount /mnt/cifs/domain/share and have it resemble the
DFS layout, without having to go back and personally figure out what
the DFS shares actually resolve to.
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