[Samba] Samba Disk Full Issue

Supriya Kher supriyakher at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 00:42:59 MST 2011

Hello Samba Users,

I am using Samba for our project needs to share folders between a Windows
Server 2003 machine and a

RedHat Linux  machine. I am facing issues with Samba shares (Samba Version
3.5.5 for RHEL 4 x86_64).  The scenario is as below –

The windows machine has a couple of shared folders, one of them being * **
C:\outpu*t. The windows shares are mounted onto corresponding mount points
in linux and the same are exposed to the external world via samba running on
the Linux machine.

Now, the Windows machine kicks off a few jobs and as a part of those jobs it
writes to the *output *shared folder. This write request is directed via
Samba as the windows machine writes to \\<Linux IPAddress>\output.  It has
been seen that though there is sufficient disk space available for a file to
be written, a error message of the form “Disk Full, Unable to write to
\\<LinuxIPAddress>\Output... or alternatively
“\\LinuxIpAddress\Outputcannot be written or may not exist“ is seen
for jobs that fail on the
Windows Server.

Though there is sufficient disk space available, the issue seems to reoccur.
I have looked into this and also tried several suggestions one of them being
setting "inherit acls = yes" and "inherit permissions = yes" in smb.conf to
fix the issue.

However even after an explicit setting as above to modify the default acls
for the shared directory, the issue seems to reoccur.

Any directions on how to get around this problem ?

Any help or suggestions from any of you are really appreciated,



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