[Samba] Server migration

henri ciradhb.forward at laposte.net
Wed Jan 5 05:03:11 MST 2011

Hi all  (and best wishes for the new year to everyone :-) ) 


I have currently a Samba 3.5.6 server that acts as a PDC and print Server,
with tdbsam backend, no LDAP at all. 


In a very next future, I will have to migrate samba to a new server (a VM

This migration will have to be seamless for all users (more than 200 user
accounts with more than 200 PC  in the domain). 


The technical constraints will be : 

- migration from Readhat 9.0 to Centos 5.5 

- the DNS name of the new server will change 

- the IP address of the new server will change (but still in the same

- the samba server netbios name (which is currently the same as the machine
DNS name) will have to be changed  

- everything else should remain the same : domain name , shares, home
directory, domain admin account, ... , the netlogon scripts can be adapted
if necessary


My objectives are that after migration : 

1) All PC that are currently joined to the domain will stay in the domain 

2) All users will keep their SID and thus their original sessions on their


What is the best way to proceed ?

I guess that just moving all the samba configuration files to the new
machine will not be enough. 


Thanks in advance for your help.



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