[Samba] samba-vscan-clamav update

Barry Cisna brcisna at eazylivin.net
Sun Feb 20 12:17:54 MST 2011

Hello All,

Just wanting to post here in regards to samba-vscan-clamav. For a few
versions of Samba there was a small bug in samba-vscan-clamav code .
There was a patch put out several months ago to make this this work once
again with Samba.
This setup does work very nicely in conjunction with clamav.
Just for convenience I have built an binary rpm of this. This rpm was
built using version 3.0333 of Samba. Providing the vfs module of Samba
has not changed this rpm should work on recent versions of Samba as
The rpm itself does all the setup work for you. It was built using
Centos 5.x,so if you are on other Linux Distro *use at your own risk*.
If it fails to work you can simply uninstall the rpm. 

'rpm -e vscanclamav'. 

View the README at the url below.

Hope this may help someone.


Take Care,

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