[Samba] Problem with trust relationship

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 08:19:41 MST 2011

> Hi guys. I had to give a break to the samba debug cause my ldap base went
> crazy for a while after the upgrade, but it's ok now.
> Unfortunally, my samba PDC still isn't going quite well =(
> There is any other ideas that i could try? Before all this, eventually one
> or two machines had trust relationship issues, but all i need to do was
> re-adding them to the domain. Now i can't even do this, since when i try to
> add a machine is the domain, the Workstation service just crashes. =S

I still do not think this has anything to do with trust relationships.
At least the client workstation service crashes do not. My guess is
these crashes are caused by a virus or a bug in some internet security
or antivirus software.


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