[Samba] s4 krb, bind9 updates

Collen Blijenberg collen at hermanjordan.nl
Thu Feb 10 06:37:34 MST 2011

Hi, i'm trying to setup basic samba4 following the howto in the wiki.

i use standard FC14, with bind 9.7.2 and samba 4-a14
so far so good, seems it all works. except for the dns updates..
funny part is that i get no error or what so ever in return... (error 
level 5)

i mean, samba dns update script works, no errors, all it said no dns 
updates needed
i also can join a machine (xp) and connect to shares

klist and kinit are ok too (no errors reported, or differences with the 
host lookups for krb and ldap are ok to (they where found without errors)

what i did notice is that:
- dns.keytab
- secerets.keytab
- secerets.ldb
- secerets.tdb

are not updated. and since dns_update uses the dns.keytab, it is obvious 
bind isn't updated correctly

so where do i start debugging this ?! somehow i get the idea that the 
is with the krb5 (before dns updates are done)
i did use the krb5.conf that was generated with provisioning

Thx, Collen

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