[Samba] call for a forum to replace the mailing list?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 13:51:23 MST 2011

> in other groups I'm in that do have forums, the regulars are only
> regulars because of the mailing list, as forums require forethought to
> go read and reply instead of it being dumped in your face as posted
> like email does.  Forums that have list integration, like FUDForum,
> are a decent compromise, but are far from perfect.
I have two experiences with this.

wine works okay with this but annoys forum users since they can not
edit. The backupcentral to bacula forum integration is annoying
because the forum encodes blocks into html but sends it as text so any
time a user on the forum uses the code block feature it becomes
unreadable on the mailing list..

> If this were a forum and not a list, I'd almost certainly have not
> read or replied to your message.

Same here. I read my email at least hourly. If this was a samba forum
I would most likely only participate when I experience a problem that
I want solved. And that does not happen often with samba..


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