[Samba] call for a forum to replace the mailing list?

Mac webreg.samba.org at panscend.com
Fri Feb 18 14:11:27 MST 2011

On 2/18/2011 2:44 PM, Chris Weiss wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 2:26 PM, Mac<webreg.samba.org at panscend.com>  wrote:
>> I may have to unsubscribe from this list. Not because you responded twice,
>> accidentally, while trying to help. That was fine and of little consequence.
>> However, I got an automated "out of office" response from someone else and
>> that got me thinking "what if I get hit with that during a peak vacation
>> time for somewhere?" Eek, my poor, filled up mail server!
> If you view the email headers you'll see a "Precedence: list".  Any
> vacation responder that replies to an email with this in the headers
> is mis-configured.  I'm not aware of any popular ones that are
> mis-configured by default.
>> May be a forum would be better? If the regulars think the upside of a forum
>> outweighs the downside (not my call, just my 2 cents).
> in other groups I'm in that do have forums, the regulars are only
> regulars because of the mailing list, as forums require forethought to
> go read and reply instead of it being dumped in your face as posted
> like email does.  Forums that have list integration, like FUDForum,
> are a decent compromise, but are far from perfect.
> If this were a forum and not a list, I'd almost certainly have not
> read or replied to your message.

Interestingly, I am only subscribed to the daily digest, yet I got an 
individual email from you personally to my address rather than waiting 
to see it in the digest.

As I read this via NNTP when I have a special interest, I can reply to 
the list to make my point early. Doing email list interaction seems to 
be a lost art! That makes my 4 cents (2 + 2) :)

Please, this is not an attempt at a flame war or trolling. I am just 
pointing out that this may be a relic of the past.

Best regards,


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