[Samba] Failed join operations

John Huong jahuong at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 00:52:49 MDT 2011

I'm running a PDC on Samba 3.60. Just freshly upgraded it from Samba
3.028a with the purpose of supporting Windows 7. However though all
the existing users and computers are running fine, I'm stumped trying
to join a new Windows 7 machine to it. I have applied the
DomainCompatibility registry fix.

When I try to join a Windows 7 workstation I will get this message :

The join operation was not successful. This could be because an
existing computer account having the name "NOTREALNAME" was previously created
using a different set of credentials. Use a different computer name, or
contact your administrator to remove any stale conflicting account.

Access is denied.

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