[Samba] SSO's availability

Bruce Richardson itsbruce at workshy.org
Wed Aug 3 02:30:20 MDT 2011

On Tue, Aug 02, 2011 at 08:17:01PM +0200, Frédéric Bérard wrote:
> Is it possible to configure a system of authentication based on SSO
> samba (and certainly ldap and lot of others things) ?

Which things need to authenticate?  At my current workplace, I've set up
Samba with an LDAP backend.  Linux machines, switches, web applications
and various devices authenticate directly against the LDAP backend;
Windows machines (or anything which needs Windows authentication and
file services) use Samba.  It all plays nicely and satisfies all our
current needs.  What are your needs?  Do you have a specific requirement
for Active Directory (or equivalent)?

> Is it possible to do this without any windows's system which act as
> any authority ?


> Wat I mean is that I would like to do this only one linux's computer....

Unless your network is very small, I'd recommend using a minimum of two,
so that your whole system doesn't fail because of a problem on your only
domain controller.


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