[Samba] samba server dependents

Jack Downes jax at nwmt.us
Mon Sep 27 13:37:33 MDT 2010

To see a reasonable example of how this is done, take a look at what 
TurnKey linux did for a PDC replacement:



On 09/27/10 01:22 PM, ERIK wrote:
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> Hello,
> I'm trying to build a solid samba(smb) network.
> I realize I will have to learn how to administer and connect other
> network software.
> I would like to lean toward building an AD type samba environment.
> So far the network software I believe I need to make this happen is:
> DNS(I want to use bind9), Kerberos(I want to use MIT), LDAP(openLDAP of
> course), I believe I also need sasl, and of course a stable version of
> samba.
> I have a great deal of reading ahead of me, but I would like to know
> what other software I might be missing here?  Direction would be most
> helpful.
> Thank you for your time,
> erick
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