[Samba] Samba4, DNS, and joining clients

Philip M. White pmw at qnan.org
Wed Sep 8 21:03:10 MDT 2010

Hi, all,

With help from the Samba4/HOWTO and #samba, I was able to set up a Samba
4 domain controller with Bind 9.4.7.  It seems to work for the most

However, my Active Directory DNS never gets entries for any client
machines.  There is an A record for the DC, but never for any clients.

I looked at 'samba_dnsupdate' and see that it gets its input from
private/dns_update_list.  That list also doesn't have any A records for
clients that joined my domain after Samba provisioning.  In fact, that
file hasn't been modified since provisioning.

Maybe I misunderstand the purpose of that list, and it shouldn't have
any additional A records, but in that case I cannot figure out how
clients are supposed to make their way into AD's DNS.



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