[Samba] Problem with Office Powerpoint 2007 on Windows 7

GM Smb gmsmb at linkfluence.net
Wed Sep 8 08:23:28 MDT 2010

Hi everybody,

I'm new to the list because my collegues have a big problem when saving 
Powerpoint documents
to our fileserver (Ubuntu 9.10 , samba:3.4.0-3ubuntu5.5 ).

I just want to know if there are known issues concerning Powerpoint 2007 
with Windows 7.
All my collegues have Powerpoint 2007 installed on their workstation, 
some of them don't have the problem
because (i expect) they are on Windows XP. Saving .pptx documents seems 
to be buggy
only with Windows 7 installations and saving Excel 2007 documents works 
fine over all our workstations.

Any idea ? Can you confirm my findings ?

Best regards,


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