[Samba] Problems with Windows 7 on domain, Samba server not

Joshua J. Kugler joshua at eeinternet.com
Fri Oct 15 14:09:47 MDT 2010

On Wednesday 13 October 2010, Gaiseric Vandal elucidated thus:
> Do you have an account (or accounts) for on the samba server for the
> Windows user(s)?  Are the passwords the same?
> Does the samba server "workgroup" name match the domain name on the
> windows clients?
> Can you use the "username map" option in smb.conf and have a username
> map file that maps "DOMAIN/user" to "user" ?

Here is the debug level 10 log for trying to connect via 


Again, it works without issue from the command line via 'net use...'


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