[Samba] changing an account's Unix ID in the SAM database

Luke Hamilton graf_ignotiev at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 16:39:17 MDT 2010

I've installed a custom domain controller appliance created by 
www.turnkeylinux.org.  But for the purposes of my question, we'll assume that 
I'm running Ubuntu Server 8.04/Hardy with Samba installed from the repos.

I  am having an a problem getting one of my workstation trust accounts to have 
the right  UID.  When I look at "cat  /etc/passwrd", the user scannerserver$ has 
a unix  ID of 1003.  However, when I run "sudo pdbedit -L" user scannerserver$ 
has an id of 4294967295.  I think pdbedit will  allow me to change the id to the 
correct number, but I can't figure out  how.  So I have two questions:
1) Will this problem cause me issues down the road?
2) How can I change the user id in the samba database?


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