[Samba] re. 3.4.9 printing addprinter command reparse doesn't see new printer

Guy Rouillier guyr-ml1 at burntmail.com
Mon Oct 4 17:58:51 MDT 2010

On 10/4/2010 6:30 PM, Jack Downes wrote:
> ?  I didn't hijack a thread...  this is a mailing list.  All I did was
> hit reply list to a random email, cleaned out the messages & subject and
> started a new thread. How is that wrong..?

That is exactly hijacking a thread.  Because you clicked "reply list", 
your email program returns an identifier in a message header that 
connects your email with all others stemming from the original email 
with the original subject.  The fact that you changed the subject is 
irrelevant.  To start a new topic, do *not* click "reply list", but 
instead just start a new email; for example, if you are using 
Thunderbird, you would click the Write icon in the top icon bar instead 
of the "reply list" button in the message bar.

We all understand the convenience of clicking "reply list", as it 
automatically fills in the proper destination email address.  But now 
you understand the undesirable side effect.

Guy Rouillier

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