[Samba] Friend's post in moderation queue for a week... why so long, please? And getting "permission denied" trying to mount an SMB share

Aleksey Tsalolikhin atsaloli.tech at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 12:45:29 MST 2010

Hi. A friend of mine (Jim Fancher) is having trouble with his Samba
install on CentOS Linux.  I suggested he ask on the Samba users
mailing list.  He joined the list and posted, and got an autoreply
saying his message is being held for moderation.  That was a week ago
(Mon, Nov 22nd).  Nothing since.  I see other posts coming through
since then, so wondering why his message got delayed.  It was not
rejected, just being held for moderation?

In the meantime, I'm posting the question on his behalf:

I’ve got two very vanilla installs of centos one 5.5 the other 5.4.
The 5.4 is the “server” and the 5.5 is the client. I have set up a SMB
share on the server and I am trying to mount that share from the
client. I get error 13 permission denied. When I check the messages I
see that the server is requesting the password as plain text but the
client is not configured that way. When I cat
/proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags I get 0x7. The docs list the default as
0x07007. If I open the file with a binary editor I see… nothing. There
is nothing in the file.

Is there some other method to edit the security flags file? I see may
use plaintext passwords as 0x00020 in the mount.cifs doc but no
instructions on how to change the flag. Even more curiously these
files seem to be continuously updated as they (all of the flag files
in that directory) have current timestamps.  The permissions on the
files are all set ass read only and even if I went in and changed the
contents it is not clear that it wouldn’t be immediately overwritten
by something else.

This seems to be related to other problems I have had with SMB shares.
Is there some other security console where these protocol policies are
managed?  Thanks

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