[Samba] Joining Windows 7 to Samba PDC

Peter miles at dragon.cz
Mon Nov 29 09:46:15 MST 2010

Hi folks,

I've spent more than a week trying to get Windows 7 Pro workstations to work
with a Samba PDC ver. 3.5.x (without LDAP). I've studied thousands of lines, the
Samba documentation, forums, etc. No problem joining machines to the domain, but
the users cannot logon, with the error "There is currently no logon servers
available". I've tried most 3.5.x versions, all with the same behavior. I've
tried different configurations options (incl. server signing = no), nothing

As a last resort, I installed Samba ver. 3.4.9. Works like a charm :-).

So, I'll give you all a good piece of advice: Send Samba 3.5.x to /dev/null and
install 3.4.9 instead. Saves you tons of frustration...



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