[Samba] How to backup/restore printer settings?

Rob Moser Rob.Moser at nau.edu
Mon Nov 29 15:54:23 MST 2010

Hello All,

We have a problem with our samba-based print server (a redhat EL
machine, running samba 3.2.8) occasionally getting corrupt
ntprinters.tdb files.  To combat it, I've been keeping nightly backups
of the file, and restoring the latest whenever it crashes.  This
_almost_ works.  When I restore the file, some of the printer settings -
such as which driver it is using - seem to restore fine.  But some
others - such as Printer Status Notification, to pick one at random from
the Device Settings tab - seem to reset to default values.

Are these settings stored in a different database?  When I make changes
to them through the Windows interface, the timestamp on the
ntprinters.tdb file changes, and not much else (other than files I'd
expect to change regularly anyways.)  Is there a way to save and restore
the printer settings (in some usefully programmatic way for a whole
bunch of printers, rather than manually wading through a bunch of clicky
windows re-doing them all one-by-one...)

Thanks for any assistance,

    - rob.

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