[Samba] Ping to winbindd failed

Mantrid samba at mantrid.net
Mon May 3 08:24:53 MDT 2010

Mantrid <samba <at> mantrid.net> writes:

> I've been searching for the answer to this for a couple of days, without luck.
> Hope someone can shed some light on what's gone wrong.

I can help! Thought I'd post a follow-up, being that I've seen several people
with this problem and nobody has come up with a solution. My problem was that I
upgraded the Samba package. There must have been another package that links the
wbinfo utility and winbindd that was version mismatched. I updated all the other
packages on my system (which I was avoiding - as once it went badly - bad not
this time) and it all works great.

I guess I'd relied on the package dependencies to tell me if I should have
updated something else with the Samba package. Oh well.

Interestingly, I also had the problem where users could create and delete files,
but not rename/modify them (even with chmod 777 and no facls). Upgrading the
remaining packages on my system fixed this problem too.

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