[Samba] Linux inotify usage question

MrO Samba mrosamba at eastgranby.k12.ct.us
Mon May 3 06:20:34 MDT 2010

I recently updated to Fedora 12 ( with Samba
3.4.7-58.fc12.  The log level is set to 1.  I noticed several smbd error

Failed to init inotify - Too many open files

As previously suggested on this list by Volker, I updated the values in
/proc/sys/fs/inotify and I also did a little reading about inotify.

My question is whether inotify is even needed for our student server usage.
The file server is used to give students space to save their files (the
student's "G" drive).  There is no shared usage of mapped drives except read

In this environment, is it better to just put a kernel change notify = no
statement in smb.conf?

Mark Orenstein

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