[Samba] win 7, samba 3.4.7, error 0x000003e6 with some printers

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon May 3 04:36:50 MDT 2010


I'm testing windows 7 with samba 3.4.7 and I'm using PrintUIEntry to 
connect the printers.
With some of those printers the connection fails (client side) with 
error 0x000003e6.
The strange thing is that:

1) trying the same connection against samba 3.0.11 works (alas, no 
domain functionality with that old version) and

2) two of the failing printers share the same driver with one that works

Looking at the level 10 log I see some WERR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER errors, 
but those are present also in the log for the printer that can connect 
Diffing the log between a functioning printer and a failing one, the 
only difference (apart from the names) is that the failing printer has 

Needless to say, windows xp has no problem with either samba 3.0.11 or 
samba 3.4.7.

Any hint?

Luca Olivetti
Wetron Automatización S.A. http://www.wetron.es/
Tel. +34 93 5883004 (Ext.133)  Fax +34 93 5883007

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