[Samba] win 7, samba 3.4.7, error 0x000003e6 with some printers

Luca Olivetti luca at wetron.es
Mon May 3 08:17:28 MDT 2010

En/na Luca Olivetti ha escrit:
> Hello,
> I'm testing windows 7 with samba 3.4.7 and I'm using PrintUIEntry to 
> connect the printers.
> With some of those printers the connection fails (client side) with 
> error 0x000003e6.
> The strange thing is that:
> 1) trying the same connection against samba 3.0.11 works (alas, no 
> domain functionality with that old version) and
> 2) two of the failing printers share the same driver with one that works
> Looking at the level 10 log I see some WERR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER errors, 
> but those are present also in the log for the printer that can connect 
> successfully.
> Diffing the log between a functioning printer and a failing one, the 
> only difference (apart from the names) is that the failing printer has 
> Needless to say, windows xp has no problem with either samba 3.0.11 or 
> samba 3.4.7.
> Any hint?

Never mind, deleting the conflicting printers from win 7 and reassigning 
the already available driver (with the ensuing dance of printer 
renaming) seems to have fixed it.

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