[Samba] Questions on Samba and LDAP failover

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Thu Mar 25 15:16:33 MDT 2010

Hi Gary,

Gary Peck wrote:
> After trying multiple options in the smb.conf file the only way I could 
> get fail over to work was having two ldap servers setup in a multimaster 
> replication and having a DNS entry setup that round robins between the 
> two.  Everything seems to work,  I can bring down one ldap server and 
> samba will still authenticate and let users in.  Anybody know of any 
> issues doing it this way?
> Thanks,
> Gary
> >If I have read the documentation correctly, it looks like you can not
> >have a fail over LDAP server defined in the smb.conf file for the passdb
> >backend.  It looks like this feature was taken away in an earlier
> >release.  Is this correct?  If not could somebody steer me in the right
> >direction.

Is the question how to specify multiple ldap servers in smb.conf?
If so, here is the answer:

   passdb backend = ldap:"ldap://ldap1.example.com ldap://ldap2.example.com"

I.e. put a spaces separated list of ldap urls into quotes.

If that was not your question, please clarify.

Cheers - Michael
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