[Samba] Long delays when launching programs for the first time in my Windows 7 Profile (Samba 3.4.3 as PDC)

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at lautenbacher.biz
Wed Jun 30 15:11:45 MDT 2010

Hello John,
> I am using roaming profiles with windows 7 64 and samba PDC / BDCs. I
> am not using 3.4.3 however. Currently we are running 3.5.4. I did have
> 3.4.6 for a few weeks just after the upgrade from 3.0.37 to support
> windows 7. I do not have the 40 minute initial logins. However it does
> take me 5 minutes to login and logout on a 100% gigabit network every
> single time not just the first time. At some point I will look into
> folder redirection on top of the trimming of the profiles that I have
> begun..

To me this sounds like a "normal case" of overcrowded user profiles.

What I could witness in one of my networks (Samba 3 + Vista64Business) is
that the userprofiles grew very huge even thoug literally ANY userspace data
is being saved to those profiles.

What I mean is:
ALL data that the people at the workstations process is mounted on
samba-shares on the server (which I connect via script as network drives to
their profiles).

But jet again the user profiles grew tremendously, reaching up to 32GB in
one case, what resulted in >1h logon/logoff times.

In my case the error was one of the programs that they used: Adobe Bridge.
This program generates tons of cache data, which - senseless! - is being
saved into the C:\Users\<Username>\appdata\roaming folder, instead of the
C:\Users\<Username>\appdata\local folder.
Another such program is Adobe Lightroom which generates huge thumbnail

What I want to say is: Have a look into the profiles and analyze what the
source for growing profiles is, if you have placed normal userspace data
already into normal shares so that they move out of the profile.

All the best

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