[Samba] Long delays when launching programs for the first time in my Windows 7 Profile (Samba 3.4.3 as PDC)

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Wed Jun 30 15:02:20 MDT 2010

>> I doubt it's samba -- since no one else is seeing that symptom...
> I think it is, since I am having this effect only when using my roaming
> profile!
> But I think that the group of users using the following combination:
> "Samba 3.4.3 & Windows 7-64bit & Samba as a PDC & roaming profiles & using
> this mailing list & being able to report the problem"
> is very limited until today..
	Well -- not exactly -- I have almost the same symptom -- but
on logout -- it takes up to 45 minutes for my Win7 profile to be
copied to my PDC.    But I've tried Samba 3.5.2, 3.5.3 and 3.5.3.
Hey...that's something to try.    Try the latest released version and
see if you have the same symptoms/problems!

	But I am using both a Win7-64 and WinXP client to log into my 
PDC and generate continuous havoc.  Just wait until you try using winbind
to authenticate security on your linux PDC!  Ha!  Warning -- keep
a rescue disk around in case you get locked out of your system!  ;^]

	On top of roaming profiles, I used the group policy client 
to create roaming profiles for all clients -- even if they were
not part of the domain!  (this was when I was having problems
joining my computers to the domain reliably).

	Anyway --  I have long logins on Win7 (~ 4-5 minutes, 
vs. about 20 seconds on XP).  Where I get the real long pauses are
on logout -- I've seen it finsh after 45 minutes one time -- the
clients are communicating to the PDC but at speeds usually <100K/s.

	I know that it is not likely to be samba's fault in regards
to the speed, since I get *up to* 100MB read/write to samba during
benchmark testing.

>> maybe some antivirus interaction?
> Will check with sysinternals but assume no, because oft he
> locally-is-everything-fine thing.
>> the login/logouts -- read about them on MS's website...look up
>> under profile loading ... it talks about how multi-gig profiles
>> will really slow down first time loading.
> As I wrote, I am having the problem with FRESH CREATED profiles, which are
> just a few kilobytes of size!
	Ok -- that's just weird.  No argument!

>> If you think it is a network problem,
>> use "wireshark" -- it will let you observe the network traffic.
>> (google it) it's also free.
> Thank you Linda.
>> You need to become familiar with all these diagnotic tools
>> (that and get yourself a "procmail" email filter so you  can filter
>> out all the garbage from all the email groups you have to subscribe
>> to to just keep things working!)...
> Do you know a good windows-alternative to procmail? Isn't the new outlook
> 2010 able to group emails into threads?
	You can run all the linux utils -- including procmail under
cygwin on windows.  I missed all the linux utils so much -- I installed cygwin
on windows 7 years ago and haven't done without it since!  You can even run
a local IMAP server on your windows box -- let your windows box download all your
email from your ISP -- then connect to the local server with Outlook or Thunderbird
and use IMAP.

	OR -- better -- use  your server as an email server as well!
My server downloads my email from my ISP  (see linux util 'fetchmail'), then it 
calls my filter script (or it could call procmail).  It also calls spamassassin
before it tries to deliver it to me.  But then my filter script (like procmail only
different!) sorts the emails into folders in my home directory on the
linux server under 'mail'.  I then use 'dovecot' (an very fast, secure IMAP 
server) to serve my email to my windows clients.  Since I have multiple machines,
I don't want the email coming to one of the windows machines.  It stays on the
server in my home directory.  I have well over 100 file folders -- only about 70 of them
actively receive email (some are just archives/sorting bins).  But in my email
clients I see all the folders by email list -- I read them when I have time --
so I don't get interrupts.  

	I think you'll find it's better to leave the email on the server -- that way
if you can try differnt clients (I can switch between outlook and tbird if I was so
perverse).  Both will read my active mail.  Groups that have new messages in Tbird
light up in blue.

>>> Seriously -- I have nearly 80 email groups I sub to...if I didn't filter
>> I'd just 'lose it'...but they all go into folders and I read them when
>> I want...if I don't, I have them setup to automatically expire after
>> a few months...  it's just like a forum, but better....since it's
>> all in one place!  :-)
> Well I am attending to about 20 forums and I am having everything in one
> place too: My email-mailbox as soon as I am getting an answer to my postings
> :-) But not 10000 other emails that need further processing ;-)
	But you can't keep track of the 20-80 forums when you want -- in your
email client -- you have to find the websites for each of them.  And just now
(and day before yesterday). when I wanted to respond to someone in forums (I
read forums too -- no choice for some groups) -- I have to 'sign up', but then
I get told that my message is going to be moderated because I don't post 
enough -- so then I have to wonder if my post will even see the light of day.
It's a real pain.

	But that's getting to be an old topic ....

	Check out 'wireshark' and the sysinternals utils like 'procmon' and 'process explorer'.
Procmon will let you monitor processes -- wireshark can let you see if your client is waiting
for network messages...

	If you know the linux utils, cygwin is a complete set -- I use it's 
'X' server all the time to display utils from my linux box so I can monitor things.  
Cygwin will make use of the 'unix extensions' in samba if they are enabled, BTW...


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