[Samba] Long delays when launching programs for the first time in my Windows 7 Profile (Samba 3.4.3 as PDC)

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at lautenbacher.biz
Wed Jun 30 09:10:07 MDT 2010

I do not think that it is neither intended by MS nor normal to take so long.

I am using roaming profiles in a network with Vista64Business clients.
Although the users (mainly image processing work on a professional level)
tend to have rather huge user profiles (100MB-2 GB is normal, the max what I
had seen was 32GB), those login/logouts are actually speedy compared to the
Win7-64-pro userprofile that I have just freshly created and that is only a
few kilobytes in size.

A second thing is that the problem concerns only the initial creation of the
Win7 profile; it takes approx. 40 minutes). All subsequent logins/logouts
are very fast and take approx. only 10-20 seconds.
The comparison of those values shows that it is more but just an delay
because of the creation of some kilobytes of files.

The third thing is that I am having the same problem with programs that I
start. Programs that are installed locally on the client! When I am starting
them for the first time, I am having a delay of 5-10 Minutes until the
program starts. The subsequent times I start the program, it starts

I am guessing that the problem has something to do with DNS or other
network-layer issues. Or maybe it is the Client searching for something on
the Samba server that is not existing?? It seems like the workstation Is
sending some query to samba and then waits ages for a timeout or something.
There is almost no network traffic the time that I am waiting....


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