[Samba] Long delays when launching programs for the first time in my Windows 7 Profile (Samba 3.4.3 as PDC)

Linda W samba at tlinx.org
Tue Jun 29 20:58:41 MDT 2010

I don't know about the program delays, but the long time
delay for the Win7 users sounds like it is copying the profile
from your PDC to the user's workstation the first time.

YES -- win7 is inordinately slow copying profiles.  I've
had it take 45 minutes just to log out.

But it would take a long time the first time while it downloaded
their profile to their workstation.

On subsequent logins, everything is already local, so login should
go much faster.

It's considered a standard 'microsoft' feature and I also
need to solve the similar problem of it taking too long to
synchronize at logoff -- when it tries to synchronize the
server and workstation profiles.

It takes 'forever'....and there's no way for me to know if
it has hung or not -- one time that I let it go, it finished
after 45 minutes of slow (<100K) synchronization activity.

That's about 1/1000th of my network bandwidth!

MS suggest having small profiles and/or preloading
users' profiles on their workstation to minimize the
'first logon' to a domain.

I.e. they suggest making poor use of the domain synchronization

If you find a solution, would be interested  in finding out...
My next step is to hit up the windows forums, but I rarely get
answer there from anyone who knows anything, so I dread bothering
to ask.


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