[Samba] cant login with my samba password only with my linux password

Hartmut freemlist at googlemail.com
Sat Dec 25 09:32:44 MST 2010


I have a strange problem with my samba server. When I try to connect
with my (Windows)client and samba ask for the password, it's only
accepting my linux-user password, not my samba-user password (set with
smbpasswd and as root with smbpasswd <user>).

And now the strange about it. When i change my sambapassword with
smbpasswd, and try to login from my client, then the samba-user password
is accepted. But after a reboot of my samba server, the server accepts
only the linux-user password. I have to (re)set the samba-user password
again with smbpasswd and only after that, I can login with the
samba-user password.

Is there something wrong with my smb.conf (see below)? Or what else
could be the problem?

#       debuglevel = 1
       workgroup = Gruppe
       server string = Datastring
       wins support = no
       dns proxy = no

       interfaces =
       bind interfaces only = yes

       log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
       max log size = 1000
       syslog = 0
       security = user
       encrypt passwords = true
       passdb backend = tdbsam
       obey pam restrictions = yes
       unix password sync = no
       pam password change = no
       map to guest = bad user
       domain logons = no
       load printers = no
       domain master = no
       usershare allow guests = no

       vfs objects = recycle
       recycle: repository = .trash.bin
       recycle: keeptree = Yes
       recycle:versions = Yes

       comment = Lager
       path = /media/lager_hdd
       public = no
       valid users = user1
       read only = no
       browseable = no


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