[Samba] name resolution: dns name different to windows machine name

Marcus lists at localguru.de
Mon Dec 20 03:17:08 MST 2010


we are running a samba domain controller as master with activated WINS.
The machine name of each WinXP client is set manually during the
installation initial process. Each client is using the WINS server of
our domain controller. The WinXP clients are getting their IP by a
global DNS Server, which sets the DNS and reverse DNS entry identically
to the windos machine name.
 Now the administrator of the DNS server is planning to change the DNS
and reverse DNS concept in the way that the DNS and reverse DNS entry
will be not identically to the windows machine name any more. The WinXP
clients will get a generic, randomly set DNS/reverse DNS entry. 
 Does this have any effects for functionality of my samba domain
controller and/or the WinXP clients?


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