[Samba] howto? howto switch domain controllers in an ldap directory?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 04:01:34 MST 2010

> I've got an ldap directory, but no PDC yet.  I want to set up a test PDC,
> and once things work, I want to be able to set a more appropriate system to
> be teh PDC using teh same login informations (replica of existing authzn
> databases).  where's the documentation of how to do this?  what do I need to
> know about this process (I'm not sure what it's even called >,.,<
> in case I wasn't clear above, I want to just be able to "flip a switch" (in
> the proverbial sense) and switch PDC on an existing ldap directory without
> having to purge it or migrate data or anything else so complex.

To switch PDCs basically all you need to do is set the ip addreess of
the ldap servers in the PDC and set the ldap password so the pdc can
connect to the ldap server.
smbpasswd -w <ldap-secret>

Remember that samba and ldap are independent. The PDC need not be on
the same server as your ldap servers. And I say servers you should
always maintain more than 1 ldap server. This is pretty easy to do
with ldap syncrepl


You don't forget to configure pam and nss to use ldap on each linux
machine that is on your domain.

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