[Samba] Group permission

Bruno MACADRE bruno.macadre at univ-rouen.fr
Thu Dec 9 06:22:10 MST 2010


	In your smb.conf you must use the 'force group' option for the share 
that you want like this :

		force group = MyGroup

	With this option, all files created/modified by any valid user for this 
group will be in the 'MyGroup' group.


Le 09/12/2010 13:50, Rodolfo Barbosa a écrit :
> Hi Guys,
> I have a Debian Lenny that acts as the PDC server of my
> network. This server has some shares that are accessed for
> different groups of users.
> So, when an user creates or changes a folder/file inside
> that shares, the folder/file has its group changed to the
> primary group of the user that have made the changes on it.
> How can I determine to which group this folder/file will
> belong at the creation/modification time?
> Thank's
> --
> Rodolfo Barbosa
> Lunar Consultoria
> barbosa.rodolfo at lunarconsultoria.com.br
> CEL: +55 (35) 9132-0764

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