[Samba] Group permission

Rodolfo Barbosa barbosa.rodolfo at lunarconsultoria.com.br
Thu Dec 9 05:50:32 MST 2010

Hi Guys,

I have a Debian Lenny that acts as the PDC server of my
network. This server has some shares that are accessed for
different groups of users.

So, when an user creates or changes a folder/file inside
that shares, the folder/file has its group changed to the
primary group of the user that have made the changes on it.
How can I determine to which group this folder/file will
belong at the creation/modification time?

Rodolfo Barbosa
Lunar Consultoria
barbosa.rodolfo at lunarconsultoria.com.br
CEL: +55 (35) 9132-0764

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