[Samba] Samba and ZFS

Martin Rootes M.J.Rootes at shu.ac.uk
Wed Aug 4 03:54:44 MDT 2010


    I've recently moved our student fileserver from a Solaris 10 server 
that was using UFS filesytems to a new Sun Cluster. As part of the move 
I decided to employ ZFS for the filesystem so that I could take 
advantage of some of ZFS's features. However, it now seems that windows 
does not report the amount of space that the user is actually using, or 
the amount of quota left, instead it reports the total amount of space 
in use and free on the total filesystem. I'm currently running and 
exceptionally old version of Samba (<3 !) and have been planning to 
upgrade to the latest version of 3 prior to the start of term. However, 
I'm concerned that this may be an inherant issue with Samba and ZFS. 
Will any of the latest versions of Samba correctly report a users usage 
and free space based on their quota or am I going to have to look at 
moving all the data back to UFS to get quota reporting working again?


Martin Rootes
Learning and Information Technology Services
Sheffield Hallam University

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