[Samba] Simple CIFS Linux permission

Willem P. Botha willem.botha at adticket.de
Wed Sep 2 10:16:28 MDT 2009

> OK. So now try removing the credentials entirely. Also, set the log 
> level in smb.conf to 10 and restart it. Then connect from the command 
> line (as root) using -o username=fileserver,domain=....
> See if you get an error message and also check the logs.
OK, first off, no matter what I do, I have to provide a password... or
else I can't connect. Regardless if I add a domain or not. The security
is set to user level, so this is what I think should happen...or am I

Log level 10 is Crazy man... :-O

If I give the password, then it connects fine. The log file said :
connecting to <service> initially as fileserver(gid uid pid).... 

if I unmount the service the log file also response with a connection

So it is allowing me to connect no problem, but still the problem is
that the files on the share, is mapped to my local user-list, so Samba
is not actually giving me any error.
When I try to copy a file on this share, the log file does nothing !

It seems my local machine is preventing this from happening, not samba.
It seems to figure out that the uid and gid for the remote folder is set
to something else than the current user, and thus preventing me from
writing to this service.

The remote machine provides me a folder with write access for uid=501
and gid=501

The local machine sees a folder with write access for uid=501,gid=501
My current user is uid=503, hence the permission denied.

My problem is not the connection.. it's writing files. Still I am lost
at how to map the remote uid to the local uid, or the authenticated

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