[Samba] Simple CIFS Linux permission

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Wed Sep 2 09:34:05 MDT 2009

Willem P. Botha wrote:
>> Your situation is very confusing. Your server name is, according to your
>> smb.conf line:
>>         netbios name = fileserver
>> and you are also forcing all users to connect as username & group
>>         force user = fileserver
>>         force group = fileserver
>> The force user tells Samba to connect as user "fileserver" no matter
>> what id the user connects with. However, if your .auth file already is
>> telling Samba that you are connecting as fileserver, this should have no
>> affect.
>> I note that you also have guest ok = yes in your smb.conf. It is
>> possible that you are not connecting as user fileserver, possibly due to
>> a .auth file error.  You may be connecting as guest which may still have
>> read access but probably not write. Try manually connecting without
>> specifying a password in the .auth file. See if you get an error message.
> A test with no password in my .auth file proved NOT to work, so this
> means I can't connect to the server without the right
> username/password..
> I did this force user and group to enable everybody in the company to
> read and write to the shared folder... 
> I am just completely unhappy that the Windows works 100% and the Linux
> not... This is just wrong :( 
> Be that as it may...If you don't feel like breaking your head on this,
> could you maybe help me with creating a samba conf that would require no
> authentication, and have read/write access for all... This was the
> original idea....Just a simple shared folder for all on the network.
> Sorry for messing up your head with my confusing configurations :D
OK. So now try removing the credentials entirely. Also, set the log 
level in smb.conf to 10 and restart it. Then connect from the command 
line (as root) using -o username=fileserver,domain=....

See if you get an error message and also check the logs.

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