[Samba] Dynamic Link Aggregation via Samba

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Tue Oct 6 20:11:07 MDT 2009

> I have run into the following I bonded 6 NICs on my Cent OS server into
> a 600MB pipe. I use bond method 4 = dynamic Link aggregation. My Cysco
> Switch supports this apparently.

Do you mean your aggregated bandwidth is 600Mbps (megabits/sec) or
600MBps (megabytes/sec)?  I'm assuming 6 x 10/100 == 600Mbps.

> I did these changes and still top out at 53 MB/s however via AFP I am
> able to get an average of 90MB/s up to tops 103MB/s. It seems really odd
> that I cannot tweak SMB to utilize the pipe properly. Any ideas on what
> settings I need to tweak to make this work?

I'm afraid I don't know what AFP is, but on a 600Mbps network link your
maximum throughput will be ~60MB/sec, so it seems that 53MB/sec isn't
that bad.  I'm not sure how you can get 100+MB/sec as that's gigabit speed.

You could use a program like ttcp to verify how much data you can move
over your network link, and a program like Bonnie to see how much data
you can read off your disk.  If you have slow disks it won't matter how
much network bandwidth you have available.  (Unless you share a tmpfs
filesystem over Samba for testing.)


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