[Samba] Dynamic Link Aggregation via Samba

Patrik patrikb at scientology.net
Fri Oct 2 11:42:34 MDT 2009


I have run into the following I bonded 6 NICs on my Cent OS server into
a 600MB pipe. I use bond method 4 = dynamic Link aggregation. My Cysco
Switch supports this apparently.

However I only get increased bandwidth from my MAC by connecting via
AFP. However when I connect via SMB I don't. I was told to change the
sockect options to the following on my smb.conf file on my fileserver:

SO_SNDBUFF=2048000 SO_RCVBUFF=2048000

large readwrite=yes
read raw= yes
write raw= yes

I did these changes and still top out at 53 MB/s however via AFP I am
able to get an average of 90MB/s up to tops 103MB/s. It seems really odd
that I cannot tweak SMB to utilize the pipe properly. Any ideas on what
settings I need to tweak to make this work?

Any help would be appreciated.

Best, Patrik

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