[Samba] PDC witch LDAP and machine account lookup

Stefan Michalsky stefan.michalsky at farbwahl.de
Thu Oct 1 07:46:00 MDT 2009

Hey all,


i do have the following problem: i set up a PDC with Samba with an LDAP
backend. Everything works fine but the machine account lookup. If i try to
logon to the domain i have to create the machine account in
ou=People,dc=testing,dc=de. Everything works fine with this. But if i create
the machine account in ou=Computers,dc=testing,dc=de and change all suffixes
according to this the search performed looks like this in slapd log file:


Oct  1 15:42:59 [slapd] conn=908 op=4 SRCH base="ou=People,dc=testing,dc=de"
scope=2 deref=0 filter="(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=farbwahl06$))"_


So where is the mistake? I found some forum posts but all with no answers.
Is it a configuration issue or a software problem?




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