[Samba] Desktop.ini in Startmenue

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Mon Nov 2 06:40:02 MST 2009

> Roaming Profiles are working, but I always have the desktop.ini 
> visible in some folders of the Windows-Startmenue.
> I found several hints for the dos-attributes in smb.conf, buit 
> notthing seems to work.

You have " hide files = /Desktop.ini/"

In any Windows computer, you will find both "desktop.ini" and 

Linux is case-sensitive, so "desktop.ini" is not covered by your 

I would advise you to use "hide files = /desktop.ini/Desktop.ini/".
That's what I am doing and it works.
I use it on the "global" section of "smb.conf" in order to cover all shares.

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