[Samba] Is Samba 4alpha7 sufficient for this project?

Scott Grizzard scott at scottgrizzard.com
Tue Mar 17 18:41:44 GMT 2009

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I am a longtime Samba 3 sysadmin, and I am trying to revisit an old problem.

For a while, I have been using Heimdal Kerberos and Samba 3 together
using OpenLDAP as the shared backend.  For Linux users, this is perfect:
they log in once using Kerberos and they can access all of their
applications - IMAP, SMTP, Intranet, SVN, calendar - using their single
ticket.  For Windows users, I installed MIT Kerberos on the client
machines, and they log into the Samba domain, and then log into the
Kerberos Realm using the MIT client.  However, they can't access SVN
using a non-Windows ticket, and the calendar doesn't work in Lightning.

This is getting on enough people's nerves that I need to go to single
sign on.  Is Samba4 Alpha 7 sufficiently along to support this
environment?  All of our servers are Linux based, and I need to support
Kerberos through Apache (intranet, svn, calendar) and Dovecot (IMAP,
SMTP auth).

Are there any good How-to's to "ease" me into Samba 4?

- - Scott Grizzard
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