[Samba] Files on samba share not updated quickly enough

as rmctodd at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 18:46:37 GMT 2009


I have set up a samba share between 2 linux machines, where the server
updates a file (latest.txt, 200bytes) at 15 Hz. My problem is that the
client does not get the latest version of this file latest.txt when it
reads this file every 100ms or so. It seems to be updating the file
once a second. For instance, when I check for the contents of the file
latest.txt every 100ms, the same contents are printed for 10 checks
although the actual file has changed almost every time I check it. It
seems to be a cache problem (I really don't need cache - I would like
to turn it off if it is not a problem, but I don't know how to do it.
Any help will be appreciated.

My machine configuration is Linux Ubuntu 8.04 with samba 3.0.28a. The
smb.conf file is as follows.

  workgroup = SENTIENT
  interfaces = xx.xx.xx.xx
  hosts allow = ALL
  encrypt passwords = true

  path = /fs/ram0
  public = yes
  valid users = sentient
  read only = yes
  create mask = 0444
  directory mask = 0444

My priority is to share some data (15-30MB) from one machine so that
it is readable from one other machine. The data is read-only and only
one machine is going to access this share at a time. I am not even
sure if samba is the best (I tried NFS but it also has similar
problems). I would be grateful if anybody with experience can suggest


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